About us

The Vatvedt Group holds unique experience as a supplier to the ferro alloy industry. Formerly a supplier and subcontractor to Elkem, the Vatvedt Group is today an independent supplier. The mother company Vatvedt Heavy Industries Ltd. was established in 1910. We are today a world leading producer of equipment for submerged arc furnaces. Our experience and know-how has been established from serving the industry for more than five

decades. Our pride has always been to make high quality equipment. Years of repair and replacement of worn and used parts, has given us a unique background and experience for improving our solutions. Our core equipment is the true result of working in the field for a long time, and through gradual development we have been able to reach a unique quality, which is a necessity for long term problem free production.

Our challenges for the future are the same as always: To fulfil our customer's demands. To make use of new technology in our solutions. To keep working hard for our clients, and to offer them new ways of profitable production. The Vatvedt Group is capable of taking care of most types of contracts, and offers a variety of equipment and services:

  • Electrode columns

  • Secondary conductor systems

  • Furnace covers

  • Furnace smoke hoods

  • Forged pressure rings

  • Forged contact clamps

  • Furnace linings and lining technology

  • Tapping equipment

  • Other furnace equipment

  • Furnace control systems

  • Bag filters

  • Wet scrubber systems

  • Furnace charging systems

  • Raw material handling systems

  • Transformers

  • Equipment for producing special alloys

  • Erection and erection supervision

  • Process technology and experience

Vatvedt Group

Bredmyra 8
P. O. Box 74, N-1701 Sarpsborg, Norway

Telephone: +47 69 13 30 30
Telefax: +47 69 13 30 31