Our approach

Producers of submerged arc furnace products continuously need to improve their competitive strength. They meet increasing challenges in the following areas:

  • Improve productivity

  • Make use of best available technology

  • Energy costs

  • Raw material costs

  • Labour costs

  • Finished product quality requirements

  • Demands on working environment

  • Demands on external environment

The needs of producers vary depending on their location, existing installations and local conditions. Vatvedt is able to cover a variety of needs, such as:

  • Greenfield projects for production of ferro alloys and related products

  • Installation of new furnaces in an existing plant

  • Overhaul, upgrading and capacity increase of existing furnaces

  • Capacity expansion studies

  • Evaluation of furnace operation and performance improvement

  • Process automation and process control

We cover the following processes:

  • Ferromanganese and silicomanganese

  • Ferrosilicon and ferrosilicon based alloys

  • Silicon metal

  • Ferrochrome

  • Ferronickel

  • Calcium carbide

Furnace types:

  • Closed, semiclosed and open furnaces

  • Stationary and rotating furnaces

Vatvedt Group

Bredmyra 8
P. O. Box 74, N-1701 Sarpsborg, Norway

Telephone: +47 69 13 30 30
Telefax: +47 69 13 30 31