Consulting & evaluation

Based on our wide experience in building plants for the production of ferro alloys, furnace design and dimensioning, we are offering consultancy services within this field. We are able to evaluate and propose improvements to an existing furnace process, consider and propose possibilities for capacity expansion and measures to obtain a more profitable operation.

Furnace design and dimensioning

Based on the desired product type, available raw materials and required production capacity, we may recommend the suitable furnace type, furnace dimensions and transformer capacity.

Operating assistance, process optimation and bottleneck evaluation

In many cases, furnace performance and production capacity of existing furnaces can be improved by adjusting raw material quality or by removing bottlenecks, sometimes by only minor changes or marginal investments.

Furnace linings and lining technology

By selecting the appropriate lining design, the lifetime of furnace linings can be considerably im- proved, and unforeseen lining failures can be avoided. Depending on furnace product and cus- tomer wish, we offer conventional linings as well as freeze linings, including appropriate furnace shell cooling systems.

In some cases, only moderate investments may result in increased production capacity or production cost savings and hence represent a good return on theinvestment. In other cases, it will be more profitable to go for a complete furnace upgrading or to build a completely new furnace.

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