Engineering & Manufacturing

Planning and design of submerged arc furnaces is done by our highly competent team of engineers.

Since we are able to carry out engineering and equipment manufacture in parallel, the lead time for project implementation can be much reduced.

Our certified welders and metal workers are a stable crew of highly skilled craftsmen, with long experience in furnace equipment and with unique production methods for this type of equipment. They hold understanding and skills in relevant steel materials and special alloys, and their personal working moral is reflected in the strength and durability of our products.

Our production facilities are equipped and well suited for the fabrication of tailor made equipment for submerged arc furnaces and related equipment. Our suppliers and partners are carefully selected after long term responsible cooperation.

Vatvedt Group

Olav Haraldssons gate 8-10
P. O. Box 74, N-1701 Sarpsborg, Norway

Telephone: +47 69 13 30 30
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