Electrical engineering & power systems

Depending on the customer's requirements we provide the full range of project disciplines for electrical, instrumentation and control systems including:

  • Project management

  • Furnace power system design and specification

  • Electrical and instrumentation engineering

  • Control system design and functional specifications

  • Tender specifications. Procurement and subcontractor administration

  • Erection

  • Supervision

  • Commissioning

  • Start up and fine-tuning assistance

  • Training

Our knowledge and experience with submerged arc furnaces for more than 50 years enable us to deliver well proven technology and solutions for the following fields:

High tension supply systems

We are able to design high tension supply systems including furnace transformer specifications, and can offer the relevant components including:

  • High tension switchboard

  • Power factor compensator and capacitor banks

  • Furnace transformers

  • Protective relay specification and settings

  • Measuring


  • Electrode column instrumentation such as electrode voltage measurement, holder position, slip counter and electrode tip position measurement

  • Cooling water surveillance

  • Furnace shell temperature measurement

  • Weighing and transport system

  • Gas cleaning plant and dust treatment systems

Low tension distribution

  • Motor control centres

  • Auxiliary systems

  • Emergency systems

The philosophy of Vatvedt is to work closely with our customers in order to offer optimal solutions for minor upgrading projects as well as for fully turnkey systems.

Vatvedt Group

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