Control & information systems

Vavedt is offering complete control and information systems for efficient and safe furnace operation based on state-of-the-art PLC and PC technology.

For optimal furnace operation:

  • Electrical control

  • Slip control and monitoring

  • Integrated Carbon Control
  • Automatic data logging

  • Raw material handling

For optimal raw material handling:

  • Automatic batch queuing

  • Differential overshoot compensation

  • Automatic moisture correction for raw materials

  • Multiple setpoint selection

  • Furnace hopper zone correction

  • Carbon controller integration

  • Automatic restart in case of equipment failure

  • Report system including shift, day and week consumption

  • Historical report system

Gas cleaning plants

The control system for bag filter and powder treatment contains the following functions:

  • Automatic filter start up and shut down sequence

  • Automatic handling of extreme temperature and pressure values

  • Main fan automatic gas flow and power control

  • Automatic cleaning sequence for filter bags

  • Automatic cleaning pressure control system

  • Fully automated dust transport from filter hoppers to silos

  • Powder densification systems

Common control system features

  • Multiple, integrated operator stations

  • Integrated alarm system for all processes

  • Flexible, graphical trend system and historical logging.

Plant information system integrated with control system:

  • Material control from reciept to shipment

  • Consumption and production handling

  • Analysis handling of raw materials and products

  • Yield calculations for process

  • Cost and budget measures for process

  • Integration with other management systems

Basic modules

  • Material recipes, production and sales

  • Analysis management
  • Operational data system

  • Down time analysis

Optional modules

  • Statistical process control

  • Advanced query and report system

Vatvedt Group

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